Friday, May 29, 2009

28052009 in 10 words (or more)

In no particular mood to write but in the mood to share what I've been up to today.

Described in 10 words: out, sisters, movie, books, baking, eating x 3, capsquare, jusco au2, tired.

If only I could actually do this everyday. Coffee, books to study & books to unwind.

Girls fooling around.

The All American Food. Still love A&W for it's Root beer, curly fries, coney dogs and (of course) the waffles!

And of course, to end the day, finally done with the finishing touches to the cake I've been slaving over the past 2 days. Have to say, it's the biggest and complicated cake I've done so far!

What's not included in the pics above are 2 more chocolate cakes I baked for my sisters' teachers day celebration tomorrow. Thus, the tiredness and me missing out on free tix for Terminator tonight. Ah well...

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Eddie said...

Mcm sedap sgt nampaknya kek tu....