Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's happening!

I'm on a good track to fulfilling my 2010 dreams!!! Just found out today that my month-long leave application has been approved and the very next thing I did was buy my ONE way ticket to Vientienne, Laos!! Woohoo!!

The holiday is still a long way away but I'm already giddy with the excitement. And I've already figured out at least half of my travel itinerary, up till Bangkok but I've yet to decide where to go from there. Should I head on east and trek through Cambodia and visit some friends at Vietnam again? Or should I head south to Bali? And I still need to fit a trip to Mount Kinabalu in there somewhere.... hmmm.... ideas guys?

Friday, January 1, 2010

HAPPY 2010!!!

Greetings from the NEW YEAR!! Yes... it is 1230am and I spent my new year in bed, typing this blog entry. I'm too exhausted to even try and watch KLCC's fireworks from the front porch of the house, or even more, try to make plans with friends for a night out. I've no stamina for that anymore. It's been a long day - was on my 2-inch heels for most part of the day and barely had time for any food or drinks consumption. And it was emotionally draining towards the end of it, and I feel bad that I snap at someone when I was at my worst point of day.

But at least it's over now, and I can finally take this moment to breathe and look forward to sleeping in the new year and wake-up all fresh-faced with nary an eyebag or panda eyes. A nice big hot brunch is my great inspiration to get me out of bed early enough to see the sun still in the sky. And maybe even a humongous mug of coffee. Oh yes please....

Chinoz anyone?