Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Untitled Part Deux

I admit defeat. Restlessness (and the desperate craving for caffeine) has gotten the best of me, and when images of a warm cup of cafe mocha drifts in and out of my peripheral vision, I was swift to get myself change and out of the house and back within an hour. And now, I am happily sipping on a regular cup from SF and had just finished swallowing down a 6-inches of Chicken Pizzola.

I love KL. I love living in KL. I love living within 2 LRT stations away from KLCC. I love the fact that the nearest LRT station to my home is only a 5-minutes walk away. And I love the fact that I can get dress, hop on the LRT, go to KLCC, get myself a Cafe Mocha and a subway and some cookies, and be back within the hour. If I am disciplined enough, I'm pretty sure I can do all those within 30-minutes if you dared me. I think I'm good enough to map out the most efficient route through KLCC and back and still be able to miss the lunch-hour crowd.

Oh. Sorry. What's the purpose of this entry again? Oh yes... me... avoiding studying. Yet again. But at least I've made some progress! I have now opened my notes and my past year exam papers spread all over my study tables in the hopes that if ever my parents (ie. my mum) passes by, they'd believe that I have studied enough to earn myself a running-break to get myself some much needed caffeine.

Oh! And you know what? I think I will take myself on that trip to Laos after all - despite my husband's objections to me travelling solo. Because I figured that I don't want to live my life in regret and grow to despising my husband for not letting me go in the first place. I'm sure he'll come round to it once I've landed safely back at the airport. I know he's not convinced that my safety is secured there but... I want to do this. There is no point in me going back-and-forth anymore when my gut instinct is yelling at me to "GO!".


I'm coming into my third week of my supposed 'study' leave, exams in 2 days and... I've yet to touch a book. Well... okay... I touched it. Even spared a minute to flip through the notes, took a glance at the past year papers and even carried the books anywhere I go... but I have not officially studied. (My husband is going to kill me if he finds out!)

Instead, it is almost 1pm on this sunny Tuesday morning, I'm sitting at my study table dressed in the same pajamas for the last 2 nights, and nursing a bad headache for starring at the laptop for 10 hrs yesterday. And I'd like to blame Disney Channel for that. And my sister - for putting me through re-runs of Wizards of Waverly Place, Sonny with a Chance and iCarly (ok... this one belongs to Nick). Which... I've a feeling that she'll end up turning the fingers back at me since I was the one person responsible for getting her hooked on these tv shows in the first place. Yes... I still love my Disney Channel... not so much Nickelodeon... and sometimes Cartoon Network if any of the DC Comics are on.

And my leave suppose to end this week, but I'm so tempted to extend it some another week or so. Why? Because work is depressing and I still have a ticket to Laos, for which I have yet to decide whether I should go to or not. *sigh* This time last year was pretty good wasn't it? Here I was... absolutely ignoring my exams (yet again) and all pumped up to go on my first solo backpacking excursion through Vietnam. I still want to go there again and I still have an open invitation from Mr Bin for another motor bike excursion through Ho Chi Minh Trail... *sigh*... I wish I could just quit it all... leave this all behind me for awhile and go off where nobody can find me.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Second Nature

Everytime my study leave crops up in my schedule, I'd always start making travelling plans in my head. I can't help it. It's second nature for me to daydream.

So... I have another study leave coming up in a weeks time, and in all honesty, I'm kinda desperate at the moment to escape the drama in my life and just have some 'Me' time. I want to go on and doing things in a somewhat familiar town/city at my own pace and in my own head, with nary an interuption from real life. Because real life sucks at the moment.

And so... it has also become somewhat second nature for me to hang around airasia.com and try to find some cheap tickets to anywhere. Really. I'm not fussy. But I'm no longer a free woman as I'd once imagined myself to be. I am now a Mrs. and that means having to ask my husband for permission anywhere I go. Especially when I plan on skipping this town o' mine.

And my choices has now been reduced to one single place. It's the only place that he'd allow me to go by myself. And I suppose I should just be thankful that he even lets me go anywhere by myself anymore. And now, I'm looking up places to hang around in Singapore. Would've preferred to hang-out in Phnom Penh or Bangkok but... I'll take whatever I can get.

PS: I registered for NB 15km run this Sunday and I havent been running for 2 full weeks now! Should I even go??

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just a short update

I know I haven't updated in awhile but I'm still running on the adrenaline from my very first Quarter Marathon Run of the year!! And what's more... I did my best time by running 10km in just under an hour. Woot!

So a full detailed entry on my run will come up once I get some pictures and rest and maybe some time away from my hectic schedule for the coming week.

Oh! And also do remind me to write-up a review on "Remember Me" - a new movie by that guy that plays that gay vampire dude in Twilight - that has also been one of the most interesting movie that I've seen this year that has yet to make me cross my eyes! Oh yes... if you haven't watch it, do give it a go in the cinema first before you come back to reading my review on that. You might also be lucky to share my sentiments on the excessive fan-girliness that occurs in the showroom.

Friday, February 19, 2010

My Runs Updated!

Check out My Runs list on the right >> Woo hoo! Updated! After 7 non-running months and gaining some weights since last Raya, and with WeeDay in 6 weeks time... well.. you can imagine my desperation to get back in shape. And I just started joining RPM classes, and survived my very first RPM Challenge yesterday. So I'm game-on to start some serious work here!

Plus. I'm also set to go on Energizer Night Run in Cyberjaya come this 27th March 2010. It'll be just a 10k run for me, but I'm hoping to make it in Top 100 this time around. Any luck?

Neway. Sorry for the lack of updates. I'm neck-deep in work and wedding plans. Just came back from Taman Negara last Tuesday with my girlfriends and it was great! Hopefully once I get the pictures from my friends, I'll be able to update some more about the trip. =)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's happening!

I'm on a good track to fulfilling my 2010 dreams!!! Just found out today that my month-long leave application has been approved and the very next thing I did was buy my ONE way ticket to Vientienne, Laos!! Woohoo!!

The holiday is still a long way away but I'm already giddy with the excitement. And I've already figured out at least half of my travel itinerary, up till Bangkok but I've yet to decide where to go from there. Should I head on east and trek through Cambodia and visit some friends at Vietnam again? Or should I head south to Bali? And I still need to fit a trip to Mount Kinabalu in there somewhere.... hmmm.... ideas guys?

Friday, January 1, 2010

HAPPY 2010!!!

Greetings from the NEW YEAR!! Yes... it is 1230am and I spent my new year in bed, typing this blog entry. I'm too exhausted to even try and watch KLCC's fireworks from the front porch of the house, or even more, try to make plans with friends for a night out. I've no stamina for that anymore. It's been a long day - was on my 2-inch heels for most part of the day and barely had time for any food or drinks consumption. And it was emotionally draining towards the end of it, and I feel bad that I snap at someone when I was at my worst point of day.

But at least it's over now, and I can finally take this moment to breathe and look forward to sleeping in the new year and wake-up all fresh-faced with nary an eyebag or panda eyes. A nice big hot brunch is my great inspiration to get me out of bed early enough to see the sun still in the sky. And maybe even a humongous mug of coffee. Oh yes please....

Chinoz anyone?