Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just a short update

I know I haven't updated in awhile but I'm still running on the adrenaline from my very first Quarter Marathon Run of the year!! And what's more... I did my best time by running 10km in just under an hour. Woot!

So a full detailed entry on my run will come up once I get some pictures and rest and maybe some time away from my hectic schedule for the coming week.

Oh! And also do remind me to write-up a review on "Remember Me" - a new movie by that guy that plays that gay vampire dude in Twilight - that has also been one of the most interesting movie that I've seen this year that has yet to make me cross my eyes! Oh yes... if you haven't watch it, do give it a go in the cinema first before you come back to reading my review on that. You might also be lucky to share my sentiments on the excessive fan-girliness that occurs in the showroom.

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