Friday, February 19, 2010

My Runs Updated!

Check out My Runs list on the right >> Woo hoo! Updated! After 7 non-running months and gaining some weights since last Raya, and with WeeDay in 6 weeks time... well.. you can imagine my desperation to get back in shape. And I just started joining RPM classes, and survived my very first RPM Challenge yesterday. So I'm game-on to start some serious work here!

Plus. I'm also set to go on Energizer Night Run in Cyberjaya come this 27th March 2010. It'll be just a 10k run for me, but I'm hoping to make it in Top 100 this time around. Any luck?

Neway. Sorry for the lack of updates. I'm neck-deep in work and wedding plans. Just came back from Taman Negara last Tuesday with my girlfriends and it was great! Hopefully once I get the pictures from my friends, I'll be able to update some more about the trip. =)

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dialicious said...

10km?i want i want!!!but 27th march would be the gath..err