Sunday, November 15, 2009

What does 2010 have in store?

New year is a long way away and my plate is currently full with THREE main agendas needing my immediate attention, but obviously my mind is not rooted to the 'Now' but rather thinking far-off to the 'Future'. Well... let's just say 7 months into the future.

And I'm aware that by saying what I'm about to say out loud - here, in a public space - I'll be stacking up people's expectations for what I've planned up ahead. And it's a toss-up between it being a good thing or a bad thing. On one hand, it'll be more difficult for me to back-out of this plan when so many people are pushing and supporting me on it. On the flipside, the high expectations may lead to a 'stage fright' and a horrible (horrible!) untimely death of my plans.

But I'm just going to throw this out there anyways. I've built a momentum for myself this 2009 and I am planning to keep it going while I still can.

So dear friends and readers... I'm planning for another backpacking excursion this 2010!! The dates will be split between May (a short break before the exams) and July (the main event!), and I've roughly have the routes mapped out in my head but it's all still up in the air, depending on how much budget I have for airplane travel.

Will this be a solo excursion? Mmm.... that... actually depends on what my future hubby have to say about it. He's not entirely happy that I want to go backpacking on my own but I can be quite stubborn and very insisting. Plus, since my trip to Vietnam, I've been receiving quite a few requests from friends who wants to join in along. So....

I present to you....

Curious where all the green balloons are? Well, let me show you:

Getting my scuba license at Pulau Perhentian...

Scaling the heights of majestic Mt Kinabalu...

Visiting the Golden Triangle of Chiang Mai - Chiang Rai - Mae Sai

Discovering Vientiane...

Tubing down river with the beautiful backdrop of Vang Vieng...

Falling in love with tranquil Luang Prabang...

Cycling through the rice terrace of Ubud, Bali...

And soaking up the view of breath taking Lombok.

Let me emphasis yet again, that this is all in my head for now. I'm not even sure if I can save up enough money to go to all these places but... I really really do want this to happen. And if only I could squeeze in the Phillipines into my schedule, I'd be able to realize my dreams of travelling the entire SEA countries before I shift my eyes on Europe and USA. Crossing fingers!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Breakfast of Champions

Wish I could share with you all a picture of my breakfast this morning, because it is made of total awesome-ness that I deserve a nobel prize for coming up with such a combination. In fact, it is so good that it now comes in 3rd in my list of 'All-Time Favourite Breakfast of Champions'. Yes. There is such a list. Somewhere. (And you get a cookie if you could correctly guess the first 2)

I may not have a camera or a phone camera to share this exact moment, but I'll make do with whatever stock photos I've got.

A tall skinny double-shot latte, nice and warm in my tumbler.
(In all honesty, I only drink coffee in the morning when I'm desperate.
Only had 3-hrs worth of winks last night.)


Oreo cakester!!!
Two of these badboys are crammed with 250cal and 23g of sugar.
If I can't get my sugar fix with these, I don't know what will!

Is it worth all the hours I need to compensate at the gym? Definitely!