Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I'm coming into my third week of my supposed 'study' leave, exams in 2 days and... I've yet to touch a book. Well... okay... I touched it. Even spared a minute to flip through the notes, took a glance at the past year papers and even carried the books anywhere I go... but I have not officially studied. (My husband is going to kill me if he finds out!)

Instead, it is almost 1pm on this sunny Tuesday morning, I'm sitting at my study table dressed in the same pajamas for the last 2 nights, and nursing a bad headache for starring at the laptop for 10 hrs yesterday. And I'd like to blame Disney Channel for that. And my sister - for putting me through re-runs of Wizards of Waverly Place, Sonny with a Chance and iCarly (ok... this one belongs to Nick). Which... I've a feeling that she'll end up turning the fingers back at me since I was the one person responsible for getting her hooked on these tv shows in the first place. Yes... I still love my Disney Channel... not so much Nickelodeon... and sometimes Cartoon Network if any of the DC Comics are on.

And my leave suppose to end this week, but I'm so tempted to extend it some another week or so. Why? Because work is depressing and I still have a ticket to Laos, for which I have yet to decide whether I should go to or not. *sigh* This time last year was pretty good wasn't it? Here I was... absolutely ignoring my exams (yet again) and all pumped up to go on my first solo backpacking excursion through Vietnam. I still want to go there again and I still have an open invitation from Mr Bin for another motor bike excursion through Ho Chi Minh Trail... *sigh*... I wish I could just quit it all... leave this all behind me for awhile and go off where nobody can find me.

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