Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Untitled Part Deux

I admit defeat. Restlessness (and the desperate craving for caffeine) has gotten the best of me, and when images of a warm cup of cafe mocha drifts in and out of my peripheral vision, I was swift to get myself change and out of the house and back within an hour. And now, I am happily sipping on a regular cup from SF and had just finished swallowing down a 6-inches of Chicken Pizzola.

I love KL. I love living in KL. I love living within 2 LRT stations away from KLCC. I love the fact that the nearest LRT station to my home is only a 5-minutes walk away. And I love the fact that I can get dress, hop on the LRT, go to KLCC, get myself a Cafe Mocha and a subway and some cookies, and be back within the hour. If I am disciplined enough, I'm pretty sure I can do all those within 30-minutes if you dared me. I think I'm good enough to map out the most efficient route through KLCC and back and still be able to miss the lunch-hour crowd.

Oh. Sorry. What's the purpose of this entry again? Oh yes... me... avoiding studying. Yet again. But at least I've made some progress! I have now opened my notes and my past year exam papers spread all over my study tables in the hopes that if ever my parents (ie. my mum) passes by, they'd believe that I have studied enough to earn myself a running-break to get myself some much needed caffeine.

Oh! And you know what? I think I will take myself on that trip to Laos after all - despite my husband's objections to me travelling solo. Because I figured that I don't want to live my life in regret and grow to despising my husband for not letting me go in the first place. I'm sure he'll come round to it once I've landed safely back at the airport. I know he's not convinced that my safety is secured there but... I want to do this. There is no point in me going back-and-forth anymore when my gut instinct is yelling at me to "GO!".

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