Friday, May 15, 2009

Karma Came Around and We Watched a Movie!

It's a Friday night, and I have the Friday blues. Barely minutes before the 'official' clock-out hour, I received a couple of phonecalls from office with more work to do. And I've to settle it by this weekend as I'll be on my study leave for the next 6 weeks. Aiyoh.. so depressing-nye!


I have to confess that I have not been such a model employee anyway. I was in the cinema with a fellow ' non-model' employee, when I received the phonecalls. Yes, I've been playing truant. Again. For the third day in a row. And now, on a Friday night, I have to work. Ahh.. karma. What goes around, comes around, right? ;)

Anyway, I was in the middle of watching Sell Out : a local satirical film by Yeo Joon Wai when Karma came over and started kicking me in the rear. I've been meaning to watch this eversince I read the glowing review in the papers last week. So, after watching Star Trek for two days in a row (yes... it's that good!), my friend and I finally found a convenient time-slot for us to catch the movie.

The Verdict?

Ok. For starters, I love the quality of the film. It was good. The editing.. the cinematography.. the lighting. What I don't get is why all the other local Malay-language films can't be made the same way? Why do we always get very grainy films, low lighting, poor colouring sort of movies? Go digital! That's what I'd say.

Second: for a satire movie, I love how they exagerate the situations and made fun of Malaysians and their quirks, by being absolutely sarcastic about it. As a warning though, it's not a laugh-out-loud, "hey, it's a joke" sort-of obvious satire. The execution is.. subtle and mellow. Other than the sudden burst-out into songs here and there, I found the movie rather sombre for most parts and gruesome in some others. I think for people who are not inclined to have their thinking cap on during a movie, would not get some of the jokes. My friend definitely didn't and the only reason she laughed was because she thought the whole movie was ridiculous!

Third: I love the musical elements in the movie. I grew up with Grease and Sounds of Music constantly on repeat on the VHS player, so this is definitely something I appreciate. My favourite would have to be the one sung by heart-disease guy and the part where you can actually karaoke along with the movie! Seriously! I urge you to sing-along!

Overall, it was good. You could sympathise with the characters, but most of the time you'd think they're crazy. A warning though, the plot of the story is rather vague so I advice you to not follow it and just... enjoy!

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