Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What does your heart love?

I am still in the midst of spring cleaning, which is taking up a bit too much time than I had expected. I'm doing a complete overhaul of my room and I am leaving no carpets unturned! No dust bunny is safe from my handy vacuum cleaner.

Anyway, I was going through some old stack of papers from my college days when I stumbled on this article that I had saved from yonks ago, titled "What does your heart love?" The premise is simple. The author (Phillip Golingai), inspired by an instruction on a bumper sticker, SMS-ed the question to a bunch of people on his phonebook. The answers that he had received were insightful of the person who sent them. And... I think at point of time, I found the article kinda... cute. So, inspired by this article, I had experimented and done the same, sent the SMS to a bunch of close friends. Here are some of the answers I'd received:

The Question:
Take a moment, listen to your heart. What does it love? Now, type it and SMS to me. =)

The Answers:
(All names have been changed to protect their identity)

Ms D - a psychology major student: "My heart loves... loves... "

Mr K - always the dreamer friend: "I love being inspired. Like... the way of the samurai inspires me. But at the moment... "

Mr KV - now working as a business consultant: "An A for both unit 5 and 6 economics papers."

Mr MIAH - loves food and cooking: "Shepherd's pie."

Ms S - an architect: "My lingerie collection."

Ms A1 - my always sensible and level-headed lawyer friend : "I don't know what does it love but I can tell you what and who I love. Hahaha... "

Ms A2 - a childhood friend: "GOD. Atok, mum, dad, adik, ainun (aww..) , money, work, friends, study, Mr F, trees, music, love, home, knowledge."

Ms E - the dreamer & thinker: "Err... sorry, can't put in words."

Mr Y - the quiet friend: "Haha... I love what everyone loves. God, family, friends... Do I sound awkward? I can't think how to be anymore specific... "

Ms SS - the romantic: "Erm... my heart loves to be with someone special and that's my wish for this coming birthday." (and she's definitely got one for her birthday this year)

Now, ask yourself the same question and reply to me!

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