Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's finally done!

Yes! Beres! I've finally settled the mess that is my room! After a week(!) of labour, going through my junks again and again and again, sweating and mopping and cleaning and dusting and vacuuming... I'm finally 90% satisfied with the state of my room. The shelving unit that I bought from IKEA yesterday finally arrived this afternoon, and for a small fee (5% of the price of the furniture) I got the guy to assemble it for me - which, I'd have to say is sooo worth it. Not only do I save time, but I also won't get a senget piece of furniture.

So what do you think? I am definitely in love with this new addition to my room.

On another note, all those hours I'd saved from not assembling the furniture was put to good use. I'd finally confronted the evil that is my work, and basically sat down like a good lil employee and completed all those outstanding matters. Of course, I cheated a bit but I'm not telling my manager that. Hopefully, I'd gotten my hands clean off working matters for now. I do not intend to open my inbox for the next 5 weeks.

Which now leaves me with... EXAMS. Aiyoo....

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