Saturday, May 9, 2009

A start

My brother mentioned to me the other day that I should start my own blog to chronicles the activities that I've got planned for myself in the next month or so. Of course, I think nothing of it but he reckons that it's worth sharing with others. And... well... since I immensely enjoy updating my status on Facebook, I'd figured... Hey, why not!

So... this is my first post! And no... I will not reveal my plans... yet. I don't want to jinx it. Of course, it's no big secret to those who knows me but the details are. And... well, I am trying not to make a big hoo-hah out of it, so I shall play it out as quietly as I can.

On another note though, I'm planning to go caving and white-water rafting at Kampar this coming Saturday with a couple of friends. Nothing concrete has been finalised yet, so I'm getting worried since it's only a week away. Let's hope Malaysians will always be Malaysians and things will pull through in the end.

ALSO! I have registered myself for my very first 10k run! It'll be for the Standard Chartered - KL Marathon which is coming up on 28th of June, and even as I'm writing this, I'm thinking "What the hell have I gotten myself into!" I'm still considering whether I should go or not. I have so much excuses in my head but the reason I signed up for the run in the first place was so that I would stop making those excuses in the first place! I've... less than 2 months, and even the idea of training makes me nauseous. Well, maybe if I buy myself a pair of new running shoes I won't have any excuses left?

Oh no....
** the sound of money flying away **

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