Monday, May 18, 2009

Things To Do @ 18/05/2009

I've this habit of making lists. Any sort of lists really, and I'd scribbled them down in a notepad which I'd keep on my bedside table at all times. Things I want to achieve in my lifetime, Things I want to own before I'm 30, Books I've Read, Books I want to Read, List of DVDs I own, List of DVDs I want to own, etc etc... but every Sunday night, I'd jot down things to do for the week and every night I'd review this list to see if I've actually achieved any of it.

It's been awhile since I've maintained a proper notepad with proper lists. I've upgraded and bought myself a whiteboard, which I've hung on the wall next to my door so I'd see it everytime I get out of the room. But... I'm in need of some motivation, or some reminder, or maybe some proper kick in the rear for the coming weeks ahead. So I'm posting up my lists here, so you lot can remind me anytime you see me on the streets, in the gym, in the office, or in the cinema... give me a proper scolding if you have to. ;)

For Week Beginning 18th May 2009
  • finish cleaning up room (sort out and donate those old books, recycle old study notes, vacuum/mop/dust/wax floors)
  • organize stuff - need to buy shelves & boxes
  • run twice a week, minimum 5km per run
  • go to gym, minimum 5x a week
  • register for revision classes
  • try to not drink coffee everyday
  • limit spending (no shopping!)
  • blog about Saturday's Kampar trip
  • blog about June travel plans
  • wrap up working files
  • start STUDYING!!!!


Eddie said...

Wah, so gerek to see 'running twice a week' in that list. Someone's really preparing for KL Marathon eh?

a.i.n.u.n said...

haha... have to. i don't have that much running experience like you. Plus, I want to get a medal! ;)