Monday, June 1, 2009

Idiocy of an Incompetent Driver

I'm an idiot. Particularly in regards to driving. Or... more specifically, parking. Wait. No... I'm an idiot when it comes to driving in parking spaces. So far, most 90% of my accidents occured in relation to parking. (I bet you're wondering how many accidents I've actually had so far in my short lifespan as a driver)

What happened? I crashed the car. No... more like, I scraped the car. And the bumper fell off. Well.. it came off partially and got dragged under the car, and I had to get one of the guys at the carwash to help me get it off completely. Thank goodness that thing is only plastic. No further dents to the car whatsoever. Now... my dilemma is what am I going to tell my parents. Or when should I tell them about it, since they won't be back until Wednesday. OR... I could just send it in for repair right now, and my parents won't have to know about it! (but... but... my gaji!!)

I'm not actually worried about their reaction since they normally would just brush it up under the rug. But I can imagine the onslaught of sarcasm... and I just can't stand it. And thank goodness my brother is not around. I hope he's not reading this. Or else, I'm pretty sure he's going to kill me... all the way from Brisbane. (oh please please please... let him be totally ignorant of this blog!)

Ahh... I think I'll break the news to my dad gently. Over an sms. (^__^) Plus, I have 3 more days to prepare myself for their reaction! I also have my exam this Wednesday to worry about. *sigh* I'm kinda not digging being home alone at the moment. This house is 'noisy' at night.

Oh... by the by... 7 days to Vietnam!

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Eddie said...

Good luck for your exam!