Monday, June 22, 2009

A Quick Update

Just a quick update! I'll try to do some write-ups on my Vietnam trip when I have some time. Right now, I just want to laze around the house and do absolutely nothing! Never knew the whole travel would take so much out of me until I came back and all I could manage to do is sleep.

I'm still on my (forced) annual leave. There's no new jobs waiting for me in office anyway, except for some courses for the next 3 weeks. Plus, the situation in office looks bad, what with the economic downturn and all. Not much new jobs coming in, so us poor associates are left bumming around. Not that it's a bad thing, but sometimes it just makes me feel redundant.

I was in Port Dickson for the past 3 days, right after my homecoming from Vietnam. It was a reunion-cum-bachorellete weekend with my ex-classmates from BBGS days. One of them are getting married later this year, and as she'll be the first in our class, it's a big deal for most of us. And it's just soo good seeing them again after so long! We stayed at Avillion PD for 2 nights, and spent most of our time either in the room or in the pool. We only ventured to the beach once, and that was only to go on a Banana Boat ride (my face is all calar-balar now from being thrown off the boat!). But it was great! Catching up... playing monopoly and Superman... TruthorDare & "I never.." games... eating junkfood and being lazy... midnight bbq by the beach... Definitely memorable and I hope we'd get to do this again soon!

But I also feel kinda guilty for not being home so much for the past 2 weeks. My family have been doing a lot of travel lately, and more in the coming month, so it's difficult to get everyone together at one time. The parents are away on business trips at the moment, and they'll be back Tuesday only to be flying off again to Melbourne on Wednesday with my sister to visit the brother. An important event is happening this July, so it gets a bit more complicated when we can't get everyone together at the same time. But I'm trying to manage... my aunt is helping out, so hopefully things will work out by themselves.

Other than that... well... we've got the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009 this weekend! Super excited, but since I havent been to the gym lately, have to buck-up my training this coming week. And... I've also registered myself for 4 more runs this July! Anybody wants to join in and run with me?

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