Monday, August 17, 2009

Music of the Week: 17082009

I'm in a sharing mood here and I want to share my top 5 favourite songs that has been on a constant repeat on my playlist for the past 2 weeks. I have to apologize to my fellow colleagues for subjecting them to the same songs over and over and... over again. o(^___^)o

Getting back in the grooves of work, these songs helps me a lot in easing that kink in my shoulder and lighten things up in my work space. And even outside of office, I'd like to plug my ears into my mp3 and blare up the volume until all the world fades around me. Use it as you wish.

#5. Nick Lachey - Run to me
Okay... I'm pretty sure this song is a few years old, and I'm going to get stoned for listening to an ex-member of 98degrees but I overheard it somewhere in one of the shops in Pavilion and the rest is history. It's easy on the ears, so you really can't judge my taste in music for this.

#4. Matt Nathanson - Come on get higher
I'm pretty sure I heard this song in a movie earlier this year but now I can't remember which one. Google aint helping, so if someone could shed a light on this big puzzle in my head, it'll be a great help... because I'd like to watch that movie again. ;]

#3. The Rescues - Break me out
A friend recommended me this song since I enjoy folk rock so much, and obviously I love it. I'm pretty sure I heard this from Grey's Anatomy somewhere... but anyway, another great easy listening song. Everytime I hear this, I imagine myself running the last stretch of a marathon.

#2. David Archuleta - Touch my hand
I was in neither Davids' camp during the finals of AI..7(?) , but Archie got me interested when 'Crush' came out. I heard this song in the radio a few weeks back, and it got stuck in my head ever since with no signs of budging! It got so bad to a point that I was humming it out loud during lunch one day, to the dismay of my colleague. And, like a fever, it spread. I'm sorry Joey!

#1. Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling

I can't help it. This song is just sooo infectious. Despite producing one of the most annoying song of the summer, the band redeemed themselves in my eyes (or should you say.. ears?) with this tune. Everytime something stresses me out or drags me down and I'm in desperate need of a pick-me-upper at the end of the day/week, this song just does it for me so easily. Best listen to celebrate TGIF!!!

By the way, I'm all ears for something new. So if you got that song in your head, and just can't get rid of it, I don't mind sharing the burden with you.

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