Friday, July 31, 2009

JULY: a review

Can't believe it's already the end of the month! Where have my JULY went to! Firstly, I have to apologize for the lack of updates. I know I had promised to do the write-up on my Vietnam trip but I find myself lacking the time and patience to actually sit down and start writing. Plus, I'd figured that I'd upload all my pictures on Flikr first, but the uploading process is long and trecherous!.. which made me give-up eventually. If I'm on your Facebook friends list, you can view it there. It's open to all, so I'll try to post a link to my photo albums here soon. And... yes... Vietnam will be coming your way soon enough. Just.. bear with me for a little while. Ok?

On the other side of the spectrum...well... after 6 weeks of study leave + 3 weeks of courses... I am back at work. Surprisingly, I do not grumble as much as I had expected. In fact, I - for once - like my work. It's nice being back in the thick of events, meeting clients and learning more about their business. And there's a power of being at work that I, at times, relish.

But now, I am back to being unproductive. **sigh** No more jobs until next week and I don't know what to do with myself anymore. There's just so many times that a girl can play truant! And it's not much fun when I'm doing it alone. I've also been neglecting my runs and gyms. I have actually been forced to miss out Siemens Run and Shape/Men's Health Night Run, due to other commitments, which bums me out. I was honestly determined to make it for Siemens Run but my friends threaten to tie me up in bed just so I won't go. Bargh! I've Adidas King of the Road run in Shah Alam this Sunday... and I haven't been training. I'm worried I might not make it to the end... or more specifically... not make it within the qualifying time. I think KoR have one of the most challenging qualifying time out of all the runs I've registered for. I'm wincing just thinking about it. Btw... orange?? O-bloody-range??!! I suppose it's good enough that it's an Adidas vest.

All in all, I suppose JULY have been an eventful month. And it's time to hit the brakes for Ramadhan in August. Actually, I am itching to go on another travel but have to see if I can get any weekends free-up.

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