Wednesday, October 21, 2009

500 Days of Summer

Reasons why I love this movie - even without watching it yet:

1. Ok. Watch this trailer first and stop at 0:38.

Do you get it? Dude! It has awesome voice-over! The best I've heard this year! (shove over Up!) It makes even the most cliche opening ("This is the story of boy meets girl.") sounds awesome! In fact, that same voice is telling me to write this list in the first place! That same voice is what made me sit-up and pay attention in class. Don't you ever wish you had a lecturer with this sort of voice? I'd ace that class for sure.

2. Ok. Now rewind and watch the trailer again, and this time stop at 0:32.

Did your heart leapt to your throat at the very same moment the Boy (most probably) does to? - or was that just me? Now that is what I call 'A Moment'. And I'm pretty sure every single person who has ever been in love has had such moment(s) before. I know I do. Now doesn't that makes you want to root for the Boy to get the Girl?

3. "You should know up front that this is not a love story."

Yes. The voice is speaking to me again. But doesn't that line catch your attention enough to be curious? Plus, I'm a sucker for a 'love-story-that-is-not-a-love-story'. 2009 have been ridden with bad (on the verge of crappy) love story - be it romcom or drama. Let's have a change of pace for once!

4. It is Sundance approved.

Not that it matters much anyway, but hey! If the cynical critics would have a go at this, I'd say "Why not?"

5. It's like an Arthouse Movie.... but not really.

We get a lot of that nowadays - big budget movies made in such a way to make it look 'artsy' or 'indie'. It get's confusing but I still like to pretend like I am one of those movie snobs who only watches Casablanca, old black-n-white movies, foreign films and indie production - just so that I could wear all fitting black clothes and smoke with a long filter and talk with a French accent.

Eh... no? I thought that's what most theatre people do?

But for real though.. it does have that 'artsy' quality to it and the narrative of the storyline reminds me of 'The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' - which happens to be the 'love-story-that-is-not-a-love-story' in my list. Hmm.. I wonder if this movie that top that?

Ok. I definitely have a date with Zooey and Joseph this weekend! If you're interested to join me, do drop me a line. But if not, it is currently on limited (and exclusive) viewing @ TGV KLCC till 28th October 2009.

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